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T: 02 9999 3047
F: 02 9979 1355
1714 Pittwater Rd
Bayview NSW 2104






We are a marine mechanical and electrical water front workshop based on Pittwater

We specialise in all Industrial and Marine Engine Brands and Supply Parts, dedicated to offering the best service of Genuine Diesel Engine Parts and servicing.

We have trained staff ready to help you with your parts or servicing request for your boat or industrial engine, please use the request form, phone or fax. We look forward to helping you.



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Services We Offer

  • All mechanical repairs and servicing
  • All electrical repairs and fitouts
  • Pre-purchase inspections
  • All plumbing and toilet systems
  • Stainless steel welding and fabrication
  • General machining work
  • Spare parts sales
  • Trailer repairs and servicingli>
  • All diesel engine work
  • All outboard engine work
  • All sterndrive engine work

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